Community Involvement

Cindy currently serves as president of the Board of the Columbus Chapel & Boal Mansion Museum, as well as chair of the Communications Committee. She is an active volunteer, providing design and editorial services for booklets, advertisements, articles, posters, and flyers and working as docent and host at the Visitor Center. She has volunteered at the Museum since 1998.

She has also served several 3-year terms on the Board of the Boalsburg Village Conservancy, whose mission includes: 1) to help preserve the historical and cultural resources of the Village and Township and 2) to stimulate awareness of and interest in this area’s historic past. She has served as secretary, vice president, and president of the Board.

Since 2009, as coordinator of the audio-describers for the Sight-Loss Support Group of Central PA, Cindy has helped organize the activities of the professionally trained describers who explain to those with sight loss what is happening on stage during a performance. She has been an audio-describer since 2004, describing actions, colors, and shapes and providing background information about the shows, sets, costumes, and often the historical periods. She also provides a variety of design and editorial services to the Sight-Loss Support Group.

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