Celebrating three decades of award-winning design and editorial solutions for clients in the software, medical, education, and engineering industries, as well as for small businesses and the community.

“Cindy Shaler is that rare person who can do it all when it comes to publishing – write, edit, design, and produce. Because she understands each function so well, her end products are always organic, with each part of the publication enhancing all the others. People love to work with Cindy, not only because she’s so good at what she does, but also because she listens, she understands quickly, and she has no axes to grind. Whatever she works on is clear and clean – easy to read and a pleasure to look at. Cindy is the person you want when you want perfection without agony.”

– Dori Hale, Localization Project Manager, Eastman Kodak Company
Former Documentation Manager, Kodak Boston Development Center, EKC

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